Wild Bear Chases A Man All The Way To The Top Of The Tree

Published July 8, 2015 275,124 Views

Usually bears like to keep to themselves in the wild, but this video says otherwise. This video was filmed in the Russian town of Krasnoufimsk. The user 'Vova' managed to capture both scary and incredible footage of a man who climbed a tree to get away from a wild bear. In this footage, you can clearly see that this did not work because the wild bear followed the man and climbed up the tree as well! This man must be scared out of his mind! Not only by the bear, but he is also very high up too!

Luckily the bear climbed back down. He had lost interest and was ready to continue on with the rest of his day. Thankfully no harm was done. This person is very lucky considering bears have no problem climbing trees. Maybe this man shouldn't get down immediately, its best to make sure the coast is clear. If you don't harm bears, they shouldn't harm you.

The best way to handle a bear encounter is never to have one. Bears like a thick brush, berry patches and parsnip thickets, but also regularly use hiking trails. The last thing you want to do is startle a bear. Here are five ways to avoid doing so: Do not run. You’re acting just like prey, Speak in an appealing voice and very slowly back away, If the bear charges, aim the nozzle of the spray just above the bear’s head and give a sustained blast. We hope that you won’t have to use these tips!

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