Seven-Year-Old Shows Off Flawless Michael Jackson Dance Moves

teeNkamPublished: July 7, 2015147,318 views
Published: July 7, 2015

This is the heartwarming moment when one adorable toddler decides to put his happy feet into action dancing to the groovy music. With the camera rolling, seven-year-old Kamron Butler decides to show off his best Michael Jackson dance moves! Do you think you could top that?
How many two year old kids can pull off impressive dance moves like this? A new star is born!

Not everybody is born with a good sense of rhythm because talent is something we inherit from our parents. Even clapping along to the beat is difficult for some people who are born out of tune and there is nothing they can do about it. However, they should take a leaf out of this boy’s book because he has it all!

Footage shows a cheeky little boy moving his happy feet to the music, flaunting its incredible Michael Jackson dance moves for the camera. There is no doubt that this boy is born a natural dancer! Moving to the rhythm comes as a piece of cake, as he shakes his booty on the floor, moving his happy feet together with the music!

It is adorable how this sweet boy has more rhythm in his happy feet than most people have in their whole bodies! Aside of the fact that he is still very young and has a lifetime in front of him to perfect them moves, that doesn’t stop him from showing off impressive dance moves. Incredible!

He definitely knows how to entertain the audience and put on a good show, much to our amusement. Watch as Kamron show off his bright spirit as he dances to the Michael Jackson song. It looks as if he has a true calling!

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    Johny1990 · 2 years ago

    He is doing it like a pro! :D

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      teeNkam · 2 years ago

      Thank you

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    Crazycatwoman · 2 years ago

    He gets 1st place !!! yay

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      teeNkam · 2 years ago

      Thank you