Weird Playground With Swings That Resemble Medieval Torture Devices

Published July 3, 2015 44,856,675 Views

Rumble / Stunts & DaredevilsA curious footage has emerged of what it seems to be the most dangerous playground after a man decides to try on a swing that resembles a medieval torture device and a human wheel of fortune. Would you have played on this terrifying playground when you were a young child?

It's safe to assume that most people have had an experience with a playground while growing up. To some degree, they can all be a little dangerous, but it seems like the most dangerous playground of all times is located in Tver, Russia. Footage shows a man trying out the curious swings and wheels located on this terrifying playground. Whoever designed this place, safety definitely wasn't a priority! Watch as this man puts a few of its features to the test.

This playground is made from scrap yard metal and the play area features a number of bizarre looking structures that are definitely not child proved. This strange park is located north of the capital Moscow, in a city called Tver. Footage shows a man demonstrating how to use the swinging and dangling makeshift objects to that extent to give you chills!

A large tire can be seen suspended from a coil in one section of the playground which the man climbs inside of and sets about attempting to swing himself around. Judging by the way he swings around, it is definitely not something that will give you joy or satisfaction!

Next, the man moves onto something that appears to be a cross between a chair, resembling a medieval torture device. He then gets into position and swings the seat backwards just to have it turned upside, as he dangles over the metal base below, which appears to be the rim of a wheel. Scary!

Moments later, he finds himself in a scary predicament when he becomes instantly dislodged and struggles to keep himself from falling down onto his head. Maybe a little dose of tetanus and a few broken bones are good to teach character to kids, who knows!

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