Watch How This Adorable Husky Entertains His Precious Twin Best Friends

Published July 2, 2015 482,764 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesJuno the Husky is seen here playing with twins humans Hailey and Kaylee. Now that's a priceless family moment... and also an easy way to keep the kids entertained!

Watch as she gently plays with them, rolling over on her belly and adoringly looks at the pair with a mixture of curiosity and newfound love!

We are profoundly amazed at how lovingly this dog is watching over her human babies; you could say, she loves them as if they were her own puppies!

Expecting parents are usually afraid what their dog would do when the baby comes home, so whether it is by listening to elders or just playing it safe, they give it away or abandon their furry family member.

What people do not realize is that almost every dog breed can be taught and prepared for the new arrival in advance! Spend some time with your dog to socialize it around children. Let the dog know that they are as good as you are.

Also, by no means should you deny your dog the attention it was receiving before your young one came to this world, and we don't mean the usual feeding and grooming. Play with your dog and let it approach the infant during supervised play time. Before you know it, your dog will become the best guardian for your baby and the best friend they will ever have!