Monkey And Puppy Show How To Keep Friendship Alive

Published July 2, 2015 3,052 Plays $8.78 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesYou have probably seen those spunky little monkeys called Capuchin. They have starred in innumerable TV shows, movies, and commercials. But there’s more to them than on-screen fame. They poke each other in the eye as a bonding gesture. They throw rocks at their monkey crushes. Some are kept home as pets and they create unbelievable bonds with other pets in the family. It is amazing how different types of pets get on well and their friendship lasts as long as they live. In this video, a promising bond is what has exactly formed between a monkey and a puppy.

Abigail, the Black Capped Capuchin, has made an adorable friendship with this Chinese Crested puppy named Gizmo. It is an awesome animal friendship as these two enjoy some playtime together. Agile and lean, Abigail is a social creature. This same characteristic is shared by her friend Gizmo and they both love to clown around. Another thing they share is their passion for wrestling, chasing each other and biting if necessary. Abigail is a funny ape. Her fur is dark brown and her hair is shorter and darker on her back than on other parts of her body. This cute monkey has a knack for doing crazy things around the house and the puppy follows her loyally. Abigail is a born leader and she leads the game with an incredible skill. The pup dashes around her, snapping and running away, as he sees fit. Though he looks a bit intimidated by the monkey, he is not willing to give up the game. So he challenges Abigail for more. Nevertheless, these two animals know how to keep their friendship alive.