Lion cubs show love to human friend

Published July 1, 2015 179 Plays $125.39 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeThis is so precious. These lions have made a new friend and it's a human! Lions are extremely loving animals who don't like being alone. If you can spend some time with them, it would be an amazing experience. A special bond is formed, as you can see from this video. They certainly know how to spread the love. Their new friend loves to give them kisses and they happily approve. They love to return the favour, how sweet is this?

Lions are very social animals. They love to make new friends! They vary in colour but usually they have light yellow-brown coats. They prey on many different types of animals including, zebras, giraffes, birds and rhinos. Sometimes they will even prey on elephant. They love lots a head rubbing, touching, licking and purring. These lions are adorable! All they want is to be loved!

If you love lions, check out the movie "The African Lion". Sit back, enjoy and relax!

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