Alaskan Malamute Claims Baby As His Own (And It’s Perfect!)

Published June 30, 2015 16,154,071 Views $1,552.52 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesEvo the Alaskan Malamute demonstrates some impressive babysitting skills as he observes and entertains 4-month-old Adam. A true friendship in the making! There's seriously nothing more beautiful than watching babies spend quality time with their doggies. Check out these already best friends here, as they peacefully sit next to each other, and spend some relaxing time together!

This 4-month-old toddler wants to take a nap under the watchful eye of his guardian angel, an adorable Alaskan Malamute. As he relaxes, doggy doesn't even blink for a second, watching every move he makes. This is one lucky baby, as he has the best babysitter in the world!

Even though they are as big as bear cubs, the Malamute can be really gentle and affectionate towards children, even if the dog is adult and you just brought your baby home. What is important to remember is that socialization is key in this situation. Be sure to socialize you Malamute dog with children before bringing your own from the hospital and by no means should you forget about your older “child" once the baby is here. Make sure to let the dog know that this is another member of the “pack" and you will have a loving, fluffy babysitter at all times!

You can be sure that this video will brighten your day for all you dog lovers. And if you aren't a dog lover, you can still fall in love with this adorable baby! Check out this responsible Alaskan Malamute looking over a baby.

It’s not a secret that dogs and babies have the best bond! We truly believe that a true friend lives paw prints on your heart. Sometimes the only person in our house who seems to understand dogs are babies and vice versa. They cuddle, they have conversations and they’re best friends, and it’s pretty obvious from this video these two, in particular, have a very special bond.

Evo and Adam the 40month toddler love spending time together! This is definitely a friendship in making! But, how this amazing dog knows that he has to be gentle with the baby? Do they sense that they are more fragile and they need more care and more love?

The truth is that dogs sense that babies are harmless. Malamutes are very social dogs. They are kind, loving, and also very patient dogs. They really love kids and all the attention they get from them, that's why they love to give the attention back.

Malamutes have to be involved in all the wounds that are related to his family. They are really playful and curious. They do not like being alone and that is why they adore spending time with people especially babies. Is like they have a special language that makes them feel closer to each other.

Overall, underneath all that fur and the muscle there, the Alaskan Malamute is a very gentle soul. This video is another proof that dogs are the most amazing creatures in the world!