Exhausted Dog Falls Asleep Sitting Up

DanMcW Published June 30, 2015 11,935 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesSeize the day might be a good quote to live by, but, come on - sleep is life! Boring time passes quicker, but the ultimate sweetness comes from the feeling of floating through clouds, especially if you are wrapped in a soft blanket and a big fluffy pillow…

It seems that even dogs aren’t immune to sweet, sweet sleep. Animals from far and wide have been seen falling asleep while standing up and it has to be the most adorable thing you will see all day. This pupper seems to be no exception!

You know that moment when you're so tired so can sleep wherever you are? Well it looks like it's happening to this adorable dog. His owner is sitting on the chair behind him and the dog is right between his legs, slumped on the chair and feeling safe and warm. So what’s a dog going to do, other than fall into sweet, sweet slumber.

No matter how big or small, watching our pets falling asleep while standing up is the cutest thing ever. Knowing that they do so because they trust us deeply and feel comfortable in our presence gives the heart that extra jolt, a gentle prick that makes us wanna squeeze them in their sleep and love them even more!