Unidentified Flying Orbs Seen Across The Amsterdam Sky

Published June 29, 2015 71,290 Views

Rumble / Weird MysteriesDo you think that aliens exist? Well, we can never be completely sure of the opposite, because every year hundreds of pictures and videos of unidentified flying objects appear on the Internet. Some of them are quite convincing. For example, take a look at this footage, captured in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where a group of light orbs flies over the sky!

You may not be sure what exactly you believe to be true, but evidence videos are here to change your opinion. That’s why these odd looking light orbs, seen in Amsterdam, have caught so much attention. When people noticed these strange looking lights moving in an unusual pattern, they rushed to take their phones out and capture the whole thing.

We are sure that plenty of people thought what they were seeing was UFOs, though that is probably not what it was. A few ideas shared over the world provided an explanation about the lights. While some may consider it fake, there are still dozens of people left scratching their heads and wondering if this was a visit by creatures from another planet. Some think that the footage displays Chinese lanterns.

This kind of light orbs has been detected in another place, such as Reading, England. The videos also show the lights moving playfully until they disappear. Berkshire has been a place of presumed alien activity in the past few years.

Footage featuring apparent light orbs recently flying over Amsterdam, Netherlands.: Do you think it's the work of video editing or perhaps something real? Share your thoughts below!