Ice Cream Juggler In Qatar Shows Off Jaw-Dropping Skills

Published June 27, 2015 1,082,956 Views

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleAh, ice cream. Endless amount of flavors and it tastes well with a variety of treats. Sweet tooth lovers couldn’t ask for more. No wonder that ice cream is everyone's favorite summertime frozen treat. Ice cream is perfect every season. This sweet dessert is indeed a girl’s best friend when it comes to breakups, heartaches and other reasons they might feel sad. Ice cream will be there to cheer you up, don’t worry!

The Cold Stone Creamery in Doha, Qatar provides probably the best ice cream in the world. Who knows what makes it so good, maybe it's the creation process, or they maybe have a secret ingredient. A staff member at the Cold Stone Creamery is filmed by his customer while scooping the ice cream he was about to serve. The video shows off unbelievable juggling skills while serving up a cone to the impressed buyer. The guy even tosses the scoops above his head and manages to catch them. He dazzled his customers and left everyone speechless!

Would you ever try to pull off something like this? Or you are too afraid that you’ll fail? You can bet that this ice cream sure was delicious after this employee finished dealing with it. Ice cream lovers can relate! Check out this dude and his scooping skills because his show is cool in more ways than one!

What an amazing performance! We would stand there with our money in our hand waiting to pay, impressed by what he's doing but at the same time desperately wanting him to stop so we can get our ice cream, but still really impressive!

You must love the effort street food vendors put into drawing customers to them! This employee at the frozen yogurt shop flaunts his crazy juggling abilities while presenting dessert to store clients.

In the video, which was shot by an inspired client, the worker is seen juggling with the frozen yogurt scoops before serving it. At a certain point, the staff part even hurls the scoops path over his head before faultlessly getting it. We need to admit, and we needed to hold my breath since we didn't know he'd almost certainly pull that off. We sincerely thought the dessert was going to hit the roof; however, his point was on point.

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