This Dog Was Concerned About Owner Sleeping On The Floor

TylerMancusoPublished: June 23, 2015Updated: June 24, 2015293,329 views
Published: June 23, 2015Updated: June 24, 2015

We love animals of all species and with our jobs revolving around these clips, we know for a fact that they do show compassion towards their owners and they do care about what will happen to these two-legged members of the pack. So naturally, when this dog saw her owner sleeping on the floor, she just had to go and make sure he is ok.

For some reason, probably a bad back and a long and tiring day, the man wanted to take a short nap on the floor instead of his bed, belly down, to straighten out his weary back. He obviously dozed off more than he wanted and was laying there motionless for who knows how long.

It was a first for the dog, seeing her owner is such a weird position, so she took it upon herself to go and investigate what was going on. She approached the human slowly, tiptoeing almost, sniffing him all around to try and sense if anything is amiss. She goes up to his head, stares him down for a few seconds and when she couldn’t find any evidence of his being either alive or not, she barks right up in his ear!

The way that man jumped out of his sleep is not something to laugh at, but we can’t help ourselves! Some might say the dog wanted to prank her owner, but we say she was just genuinely worried about him. What if he doesn’t wake up for their walk? Who will she go with instead?

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