Street Vendor Blows Sugar Into Detailed Sculptures

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Published: June 23, 2015

This amazing street artist, Xian entertains pedestrians in China by displaying the incredible sugar sculpture blowing technique which is a traditional folk art where artists blow and pull hot sugar to create three-dimensional figures.

A crowd of people has gathered up to enjoy the creative sugar art of talented Xian while he works with caramelized sugar and creates stunning works of art. He first makes a ball of sugar and twirls it in his hands to make fine dough. Then he pulls a very thin piece from the ball of sugar, puts it in his mount and starts to blow air into it like blowing into a straw in order to slowly inflate it.

With every blow he takes, he gives detail to the figure, simultaneously pinching and pulling parts of the ball by hand, to produce limbs and various shapes, giving the sculpture both shape and character. The artist works with hot sugar, therefore he needs to be very gentle and soft, while making it look so neat at the same time.

When he is finished with the figure, he inserts a wooden stick to hold the figure and makes a final blow to keep it attached. Finally, he puts just a little sugar to keep it all together and make it easy to carry.

These figures are mainly purchased for ornamental purposes and not for consumption.

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