Genius way to mow lawn in half the time

boomerangsbyVic Published June 23, 2015 26,639 Plays $87.91 earned

Rumble / Life HacksThis is brilliant! Cutting the lawn can be very annoying and can take a lot of time. Most of us don't look forward to cutting the grass, but this man has made a crazy contraption that makes mowing your lawn a little more bearable. He doesn't only use one lawn mower, that would be too time consuming, instead, he has connected two smaller lawn mowers to the back of his big lawn mower. Genius!

Now, instead of taking a good chunk out of his day to cut the grass, he can cut the time in half! The two small lawnmowers, are spread out at a perfect distance which allows him to get a lot more cut along the width when moving back and fourth across the lawn. He gets 94 inches across, that's a lot! This man definitely has some skills when it comes to making cool contraptions. So smart! Lawn mowing doesn't have to be a hassle anymore! Check this awesome video out! Brought to you by 'boomerangsbyvic'.

Check out some of these handy lawn mowers! Maybe you can make your own lawn mower contraption, cool! It's time to have the nicest lawn in the neighbourhood!

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