Courageous Squirrel Dive-Bombs Mid-Game And Scares Players Away

vetfanz06Published: June 22, 20153,302,427 views
Published: June 22, 2015

The Philadelphia Phillies were hosting the St. Louis Cardinals at Citizens Bank Park when a squirrel suddenly climbed across the netting behind home plate and dive bombed straight into the Phillies dugout.

According to spectators, the squirrel ended up landing on Chase Utley as several players scrambled out of the way. The little guy quickly scurried out of sight.

This is the world's most epic squirrel, she decided to drop by and say “hi", and then quickly disappear James Bond-style. Judging from its epic stunt, this squirrel probably moonlights as a spy. It apparently landed on one of the players while the others scrambled in trying to get away from the little guy, however by the time they realized what happened, the little <a href="" target="_blank">squirrel</a> was gone.

The crowd gasped when they saw the little guy fall from the net, but broke into laughter after watching it escape unscathed. Most of the <a href="" target="_blank">players</a> shuffled out of the way to avoid getting hit by the rodent.

This squirrel, of the non-flying variety, stole the show with his aerial act, and the final score was one to zero for squirrel, leaving players freaked out. Super squirrel strikes back, this is something you don’t see everyday!

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