Great White Shark Circles Boat And Feeds On Whale

MichaelMaialePublished: June 22, 2015Updated: July 25, 201745,185,690 views
Published: June 22, 2015Updated: July 25, 2017

This is crazy! We bet that you have never seen sharks this way before! Michael Maiale and a few other fisherman were boating approximately 45 miles south of Long Beach, New York when they came across an unusual sighting. A dead mammoth whale floating a little further up in the distance of the ocean. As they got closer to the whale, they came across a Great White Shark, it came close to their boat and then continued to move closer to the whale.

The fisherman realized they were witnessing an amazing sight. Coming closer to the carcass, they turned on their cameras and realized that the Great White Shark was feeding on the whale! Sharks in this general area are said to be migrating north towards Cape Cod. These sharks are hoping they will be able to feed on the large seal population. Sharks eat all sorts of marine mammals, like sea lions, whales, and seals. This is on top of their diet of fish and squid.

With their camera , the fisherman were able to get a very nice clear video of the shark in action. Everyone has to eat, including sharks! This is one incredible video that you are not going to want to miss!

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    bouledoux · 21 weeks ago

    This isn't an uncommon sight, and often involves multiple species of sharks. Feeding on remains of diseased animals like whales is what they do. If you get downwind from this rotting carcass you will soon move away as it is smothering. Incidentally Killer whales make lunch off of great whites from time to time. I'd always put my bets on the Orca if I was a betting man. They are whales worse enemies as well as giant squids upon which some whales try to lunch on.