Chubby Puppy Helps His Owner Roomba The Place

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Published: June 19, 2015Updated: June 24, 2015

Our dogs are more than just our furbabies. They provide us with companionship and unending, irrevocable love; their tails wagging with joy every time we come back home is proof of that.

But what we love most about our pets is the antics they are prone to while they are still just babies! Tiny and chubby little buggers, running around the house, making messes and knocking everything in their path, all the while discovering their surroundings and learning about the world. It is just too precious not to put on camera!

Have you ever had the pleasure of experiencing your dog’s first encounter with the vacuum? It is an entertainment category in on its own. The noise, the inexplicable movements and suction power is so confusing, you are bound to listen to some screams and barks, while your fearless companion tries to subdue this beast!

When Emma Rendleman introduced her English Bulldog puppy to the silent Roomba, it was a feast for the eyes. The tiny ball of fur tried his very best to be brave for a few weeks, before finally conquering his nemesis in this adorable video!

Emma says: “My husband and I brought home a 2 month old English Bulldog and named him Oslo. We loved him for his curiosity and adventurous spirit. After having him in our home for a couple weeks, Oslo finally worked up the courage to face his greatest nemesis: The Roomba! What started as a bark fest, turned into a full on rodeo! This is his very first time riding the Roomba, and boy did it make us laugh!”

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    that was too cute