Magician Surprises Homeless Man After Throwing Away His Last Pizza Slice

Published June 17, 2015 317,133 Views

Rumble / Magic TricksMagic tricks are great entertainment. They can make us laugh, make our hearts stop for a second and even make the cogs in our minds turn overtime to figure out the logistics behind the trick. So, we generally associate these tricks with positive feelings, but what happens when the inspire completely the opposite feelings? Is there really a line where magic becomes outright disturbing? We guess that this footage really opens that question so make sure you tell us what you think in the comments down below.

Magician Rob Anderson offered to show his homeless friend Sam a magic trick, but he probably wasn't expecting this! When people try performing tricks like this one, we usually think that they are going to extract a penny from behind our ears or maybe pull a card out of our sleeves, but Rob chose to do a pizza trick, and it definitely piqued our interest. He approached Sam, asking him if he could use his pizza for a magic trick. Sam reluctantly agreed and waited patiently for the big show, but what ended up happening left him completely devastated. Rob took the last pizza slice and threw it in the garbage can. Luckily for Sam, all of it was a ruse to empty the box of the pizza and fill it with $200. Rob then offered to treat Sam a slice of pizza as a sorry for the piece that got thrown in the trash can.

What did you think of this trick? Do you have any idea how he managed to get the money inside? There is another magic way of donating to homeless people. Help end homelessness in Las Vegas by donating to Caridad, a charity organisation that strives to humanize the homeless by providing customer service based street outreach.