Massive Great Dane intensely chases laser pointer

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    flapkatt · 20 weeks ago

    this is total cruelty. FUN to watch a large dog slip and slide over a slick floor? Owner should be forced to experience same, esp. try breaking a leg over a laser=forced slide. How much fun to have to euthanize an injured dog?

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      annietomita · 9 weeks ago

      you are right.. this is torture.. Not funny. This is aimal cruelty

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    ashley25 · 17 weeks ago

    he runs like a horse. they love the the laser.

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    flapkatt · 9 weeks ago

    thank you. On some dogs, their very size works against them. A slip and fall will bring this dog crashing into a stationary object, possibly breaking any one of 4 legs, a hip or a shoulder, neck. Then the trip to the vet to put down. I think this douche owner should be treated the same way, and don't forget the euthanasia part....