Guilty Dog Slips Through Door After Getting Caught

9 years ago

Great Danes are magnificent creatures. These canines look stunning with their big, lanky bodies and calm facial expression. We often tend to forget that they are not human, but rather humans’ best friends.

And it is easily done when they behave like naughty toddlers when we turn our backs for just a second. That was the case with this Great Dane called Seven, when her owner left her alone one afternoon. While the owner took some much deserved beauty sleep, little Seven decided to raid the kitchen, along with the kitchen trash and of course, she decided to spread it all over the kitchen.

If that wasn’t funny enough, this Great Dane decided to blatantly ignore the mess and any of the consequences that followed. She decided to lay her furry behind on the living room sofa like it’s nobody’s business and just wait for her owner to return. However, what she didn’t take into consideration was the fact that her owner would decide to reprimand her for the chaos. She thought that she would leave the crime scene unscathed.

Seems like she didn’t particularly love the talk down she received from her owner, so she chose to flee through the little doggy door. It’s amazing how she actually fit through the hole, but as you know, desperate times call for desperate measures. What about the owner, you asked? She ended up cleaning the mess. Bad doggy!

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