Cowardly Great Dane Frightened By A Scary Watermelon

bvd121977Published: June 16, 2015Updated: June 19, 2015119,793 views
Published: June 16, 2015Updated: June 19, 2015

This is the hilarious moment when a massive dog feels intimidated by the watermelon and starts to barking out of fear! It's amusing to see such a large dog scared by such a harmless object! Watch how this Great Dane reacts after spotting a watermelon for the first time. Don't worry buddy, it won't hurt you!

There have been a lot of videos circulating the internet of dogs being afraid of bizarre things and objects, but we bet that you have not seen a video like this before! In this adorable and hilarious clip, we see a massive pooch running around the living room, trying to escape from the big, scary watermelon! Talk about crazy! This is one video that no pet owner or viewer should miss!

This has to be one of the craziest dog videos on the internet! We knew that dogs liked to eat things such as watermelon, but who would have thought that they would actually be afraid of it as well? It seems that watermelon to this pooch is what cucumber is to cats. Hilarious!

Having a dog is not an easy task. Owners must take good care of their canine companions, walk them, feed them, bathe them, play with them and give them a lot of attention! This owner found a very unique way to engage in a little game of chase with his best friend, while putting on a show for the camera. Footage shows owner holding one half of a watermelon in his hands, and a massive Great Dane barking for no reason at all! Moments later, we realize that it is the watermelon half that this pooch is so upset about.

Watch as owner holds the watermelon half, with the red part facing the whiny pooch, slowly approaching him! Adorably, the big pooch barks in despair, telling owner to shoo the hideous thing away from him! Cuteness overload!

Credit to 'bvd121977'.

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