Girl Posing As Mannequin Performs Amazing Dubstep Dance

8 years ago

What an incredible sight to see! This Korean dancer "Poppin Joo MinJeong" has some amazing talent! Not only does she show off some ridiculous dubstep moves, but she does it while being on display as a manikin! This is so original, wow! It isn't everyday you get to see a dancing manikin, lucky for us, we actually get the chance! What an awesome outfit she has on, she looks exactly like a manikin, most people would have to take a double look to realize it's an actual person underneath this outfit, crazy!

Can you pull off these moves like "Poppin Joo MinJeong"? If you can, you definitely have talent, it must take an insane amount of practise to get this good. Not all of us can move our bodies to the rhythm like this, this is very entertaining to watch. As this Korean dancer finished her dance, she ends it with some slow motion moves, what a great finish! She definitely keeps you glued to the screen the entire time! Dubstep is always so fun to watch, this dancer certainly pulls it off! Credit to 'MatthewR'.

Do you love to dance to your favourite music? Check out some of these dubstep tunes! Time to practise your moves! Wouldn't it be so cool to dance like this Korean dancer? Awesome!

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