Incredibly Patient Bull Terrier Entertains Energetic Kid

shurochka55 Published June 5, 2015 6,312 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesBull Terriers might be thought of as the the greatest dogs in the world, but they are definitely not for everyone! If you aim for a dog that needs only a bit of pampering, one that is going to wait in one spot until you decide to pay him your attention, then this dog breed is just not meant for you. Then you should probably go for a more ‘normal’ breed.

If you are not, then the question "Are Bull Terriers good with kids" instantly pops to mind. The answer is YES. If the Bull Terrier is raised among kids, then we are talking about the perfect companion - caring, gentle and much conscious about how fragile your kid is.

Watch this video if you have any doubts about it in your head.

This dog, who could effortlessly land a grown burly man on the floor and send him to the intensive care unit, is tenderly ruffling with a scrawny little kid on the floor. The kid is the one to do the chase, dragging the dog across the floor, between the coffee tables and ‘suffering’ some serious Greco-Roman wrestling moves coming from the kid.

The moment the dog feels the play has gone too ‘ruff’, it calms down, as if knowing it is high time to lay the ball low and for the kid to follow suit. What we can see next are moments of love and tenderness worthy of keeping forever in the home video library: kid and dog, hugging together, sharing the love.

Credit to 'shurochka55'.


  • darlenejoy, 3 years ago

    They need to teach him to be more gentle, to me, this borders on abusive!

    3 rumbles
    • adamabb, 3 years ago

      Yeah, he can play nice with him, with a ball or something different than this pushing and laying on poor dog :(

      2 rumbles
  • Deb, 3 years ago

    Brat of a child! This poor, poor dog does not deserve this.

    2 rumbles
  • Lindalee, 3 years ago

    OMG...where is the adult to teach this child to be gentle and respect this genuinely sweet dog! I would have stopped that kind of "play", which it really isn't, immediately! As he grows up will this child terrorize in other ways? The dog is not just something you own, like a piece of furniture, he has feelings and should be treated as one of the family, or give him to someone who will!

    2 rumbles