Beautiful Duck Greets His Best Buddy Everyday After School

JamieToschiPublished: June 4, 2015Updated: March 12, 2018185,082 views
Published: June 4, 2015Updated: March 12, 2018

They say that dogs are man’s best friend, but we think it might be time to consider adding ducks to the list too! Ducks are some of the funniest and feistiest birds around that are just so adorable. They can also be surprisingly soft-hearted and really friendly. Given their affectionate, inquisitive, and slightly sassy personalities, we aren’t surprised that a whole horde of ducks instantly took over the Internet. However, like every other animal on this beautiful planet of ours, ducks play plenty of roles in our lives. Nowadays, a lot of people have <a href="" target="_blank">ducks</a> as pets and they have shown us a lot of videos of their incredible friendship and loyalty.

This is the story of a very unique and incredible friendship between a duck and a boy. Now, this is an absolutely precious moment that you will absolutely enjoy! Nibbles the duck greets his best friend Johny after school every day. Nibbles make sure that his <a href="" target="_blank">best buddy</a> Johny gets safe home so he greets him at the school bus and they both walk home together. They like to spend time together and just enjoy each other’s company! They probably have a lot of fun together!

We never thought ducks could make such great pets, but after seeing how fun and loving they are, we are definitely considering that idea! They’re just like dogs — so excited that their human is home! What a great little family!

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