Mini Pig Eats Ice Cream For The First Time

Published June 4, 2015 12,427 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWhen you hear the word pig, chances are that your mind wanders to a place of bacon, farms, and probably somewhat disgusting. We're taught that they're farm animals that don't belong in the house, but did you know that you can in fact get them as pets one way or another? Well you can, and for some, they make such a great pets!

Everybody loves ice cream, animals included! During hot summer days we love to refresh ourselves with some ice cream dessert. Max DiNatale decided to treat his miniature piglet with a sweet pleasure such as vanilla ice cream. After being awoken from a nap, Pickle the Mini Pig got a chance to try ice cream for the first time. The piglet’s reaction was priceless! So waking up from a nap, with this kind of surprise is not bad at all, right? And don’t worry, it is completely safe to feed pigs with ice cream. It doesn’t disrupt their diet or digestive system at all.

Pigs have never deserved their bad reputation about being dirty and muddy all the time. It seems that people nowadays are starting to realize how great of a company they are. Baby pigs are no different from little pups and their owners experience as much entertainment and joy as taking care of dogs. Who would have thought that little pigs can make such great pets?

Would you ever consider getting a pig as a pet? They can be really cute! Check out this adorable piggy feasting on some delicious ice cream!