Baby’s Adorable Reaction After Tasting Lemon

Published June 3, 2015 6,614 Plays $13.16 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsIt is super exciting for parents when they find out that their baby is ready to eat solid foods. They get their cameras out and capture as many videos as possible. It can be really addictive to watch toddlers trying new foods and to see their precious little reactions from pleasure to disgust! Check out the priceless reaction from this 10-month-old toddler after she tries a lemon for the very first time!

We love seeing our little ones tasting new flavors and we love it even more when they enjoy what they’re eating. We’d be lying as parents, if we say that the lemon test didn’t cross our minds at least once, just to see and record the priceless reactions of our babies and to show it to our family and friends.

The lemon taste experiment is a sure way to put a smile on someone’s face and kids are so adorable when they make their sour faces after the first bite. Just as this cute little 10-month-old baby girl who is curious to try the new food her dad gives to her. She takes the lemon slice and after the first bite, her face expression is hilarious! She is shocked and disgusted at the same time. The baby leaves the lemon on the high chair. She definitely regretted trying that piece of sour food.

Watch the hilarious reaction of this toddler girl as soon as she tries lemon for the very first time! It will surely give you a reason to smile not only today, but this entire week!