Persistent Bird Makes Futile Attempts To Enter House Through Glass

Published May 25, 2015 64,405 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsAnimals can sometimes be weird and difficult to understand. This video is the perfect opportunity to experience first hand how animals can sometimes go nuts. It might be the weather or even a predator that is trying to get at her but this crow just wont give up on trying to break into this guy's house.

This guy just found himself to be at alert when this burglar was trying to break in and caught it all on camera. This bird look as if its totally out of it and keeps bumping into the window without showing any sings of giving up. Good thing this guy was around to catch this on camera so he has evidence for the police and also his neighbors, cause who would believe you that this is even possible without proof.

As the guy realizes that this persistent bird is not gonna give up, he walks down the stairs and decides to take this burglar head on. As he gets close to his window he tell the bird that the house is occupied and she has no business here. As soon as she sees him, she's off!

Check out this incredible clip as a crow tries again and again to enter through the glass window of this home. Why do you think it wanted to do this so bad? Good thing the window was closed!

Credit to 'endoflevelbaddy'.