Funny Dog Adorably Begs For Delicious Carrot Cake Cookie

andrewbucknerPublished: May 21, 2015Updated: May 22, 20153,439,683 views
Published: May 21, 2015Updated: May 22, 2015

They say that if you want something bad enough and if you work hard enough on making it happen, it is going to happen. Basically what this means is that you need to put some effort in doing what you don’t necessarily want in order to get what you want. Does that make sense, that the end justifies the means?

This little pupper is called Skippy is the biggest fan of carrot cake cookies. He is so in love with them, he’ll do literally anything to have a chunk, even if it means begging in the cutest way possible.

At first we can see that Skippy has sniffed the beautiful aroma of the cookie and his sensory cogs have started turning and now he must have some of it. He tries to slyly approach the cookie, but his owner senses that he might be left without this sugary goodness, so he scolds little Skippy. The pooch then does what any cookie-deprived dog would do. He lowers his body down on his back haunches and proceeds to move his front legs in the air in a pleading motion. If that doesn’t convince you to give him the darn cookie, then his pleading eyes definitely will.

Rest assured that his owner has seen this behavior a few times, so he is way past immune to Skippy’s antics. He lets the pupper sweat it for a bit, but he informs us that in the end, the pooch always gets what he desires so much - a bite of the most delicious carrot cake cookie!

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