Incredible Cockpit View From Aerobatic Flight

Published May 16, 2015 86,673 Views $100.00 earned

Rumble / Stunts & DaredevilsDo you remember those scenes in the cartoons that we watched as children, of airplanes scribbling on the sky with white exhaust gas? They would draw spirals, hearts and all sorts of messages. It looked absolutely awesome! The truth is, it can be done in real life too, even though it might not be as perfect looking as in those cartoons.

A pilot from aerobatic flight team "Escuadrilla Argentina de Acrobacia Aerea" provides us with this incredible view from inside his cockpit during an airshow in San Juan city, Argentina. How cool is that? He is a part of a triplet of smaller aircrafts which fly in the sky above San Juan and perform different tricks. They fly one beside the other, then they split into three, but the magic happens when they start spiraling in a perfect vertical circle in the sky. It’s so incredibly smooth, it might make you dizzy. The pilot is actually flying the plane upside down at one point and the footage is so crazy it literally defies gravity.

So you see, it’s not as easy as they portray it to be in the animated movies. Aerobatics is a legitimate sport. Although aerobatics are used in pilot training to prepare new pilots in handling rough and unpredictable situations during flights, they are also performed during competitions where referees judge the performed spirals and spins. The aircrafts used for these performances are usually training aircrafts, gliders and in some occasions it might even be a helicopter. In the early days of aerobatics, the planes were part of a flying circus used for entertainment purposes.