Girl Perfects Robot Dance Routine Leaving Audience Amazed

8 years ago

Dancer Karen X. Cheng shows off an incredible robotic dance routine while "preparing breakfast" during a performance at the 'The Motherflippin' Flip-Off'. According to Karen, "the first time I saw a guy robot dancing, oddly I knew that's what I wanted to do. I've been training almost 3 years now to try to become the most convincing robot I can be."

And she is quite convincing at that! Her robotic performance at the “Flip-Off" received standing ovations and you will see why! Karen actually behaves like an old-school banged-up robot that is trying really hard to behave like a human. She walks up to the table, set for a cereal and orange juice breakfast and picks up the box of cereal. When she tips it over to fill the bowl, the cereal goes everywhere. Ok, that can happen to anyone. Then, she goes for the milk; surely she won’t miss again. Not only does she miss the bowl, but she spills the stuff everywhere and the crowd goes nuts!

Then, she picks ups the glass with the juice and tries really hard to drink like a controlled human, bringing the glass carefully towards her lips and...spills it all over herself. The audience goes wild with laughter! That was amazing!

Filmed by Carlos Martinez. Check out 'Karen X. Cheng' and 'I am Karen X' for more.

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