This Life Hack Will Teach You How To Tie Your Shoelaces In 2 Seconds

Published May 3, 2015 17,592 Plays

Rumble / Life Hacks"Make two bunny ears. The bunny runs around the tree. The bunny jumps in a hole. Close it up tight!" <a href="" target="_blank">Rhymes</a> like these were the rhythmic aids to our shoelace tying practice days back when we were getting rid of the Velcro sneakers.

We all know how to tie our shoes, but what if there were a way to do it faster? Let 'bobbytv' show you how to tie a shoelace in 2 seconds. What a way to shave off a couple of seconds off of your regular shoe tying routine. How convenient?

Tie your laces as usual. They, use your pinkie fingers to grab a hold of the laces; make loops with your thumbs - right thumb goes under, left thumb goes over the lace. At the end, just pinch the opposite loops and pull tight.

Did you blink one too many times? Watch the same thing happening from a point of view perspective. Tie the regular knot first, then grab a hold of the laces with your pinkies. Easy thus far. Then, loop one lace over with your thumb, and loop the other one under. Take all the time you need. After that, just grab the opposite loops at the same time and pull tight.

Both shoes have been tied and you have just saved yourself some extra time, in case you were running late! You can even make up a new <a href="" target="_blank">rhyme</a> for this, if it makes it easier for you.


  • Katica, 4 years ago

    Great tip!

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  • Aaron88, 4 years ago

    Nope! I tie my shoelaces for 2 seconds already my way hahah

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