Navy Conducts First Ever Drone Refuel Mid-Air

rumblestaff Published April 24, 2015 3 Plays

Rumble / Trending NewsFrom the time that humans have been on this planet, they have always been fascinated by flying. For the longest time, different inventors throughout history have tried to find ways to soar through the air much like our winged neighbors, birds. It was not until 1903 when the Wright brothers conducted the first powered flight in human history.

Little did they know that they were the base of today's aviation foundation. Without them, something like events that happened in this video may have not existed. We have come so far in the aviation field, so it is amazing that something like this was even possible! Flying a drone like that can be hard enough, but how about refueling it while it is flying?

The US Navy recently announced that it had successfully completed the first ever aerial refueling of an unmanned aircraft after completing a mid-air test with their bat-wing X-47B drone. The refueling was pulled off without a hitch and is really something to behold. Please sit back and watch this awesome footage!

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