Dog and kitten share incredible bond

8 years ago

Pet owners prepare your heart for melting as this animal duo will warm you up. Koda, a rescued ginger kitten, has created a beautiful friendship with Keelo the Golden Retriever. These two spend all their time together and have thus formed an incredible bond. They play together and a very calm towards each other, not like some other dog and cat duo's out there. They truly share an amazing bond that can't seem to not melt your heart. What a precious friendship they have! Credit to 'trishadlp'.

Doesn't this video just melt your heart? Both pet owner's and non pet owners both manage to find this video adorable and cute that they cannot mange to look away. Who knew the age old enemies of cats and dogs could become such good friends? We could all learn a thing or two from this adorable and amazing duo.

Growing up together, these two animals must go through a lot of toys. Their owner should by them cat and dog toys on Amazon to play with. Who know, they might even share!

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