Man finds clever way to free bird from stairwell

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Published: April 22, 2015

What a great idea user 'yongnam367c' came up with to free a wild bird that had become stuck inside the stairwell of an apartment complex. It is not a difficult solution, it is actually quite simple and very brilliant. The bird was stuck and had nowhere to go. All the windows were closed! This clever man decided to travel a few floors below the bird and and opened a window. Now all he has to do, is get the bird down the stairs!

He decided to take the elevator back up so the bird didn't get disturbed. The plan won't work if the bird travels up the stairs, we wan't him to go down and fly through the window! The man takes the elevator a floor above the bird, and he proceeds to gently force it downstairs by walking towards it . Luckily it continues to fly down the stairs. This man set up his plan perfectly. Eventually the bird reaches the floor with the open window and flies out! Awesome! The man was able to set the bird free, amazing!

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