Getting Instagram followers for a Small Business, Startup or Crowdfunding venture

jordanchaosPublished: April 15, 20151 views
Published: April 15, 2015

Jordan explains how your new business can sell via instagram.

*Please Read*

Instagram is a unique and powerful photo-sharing app. Remember its core selling point is GREAT PHOTOS.

4 great types of content

1. Personal (taking train to work, sunny day, beach)
2. Adverts (should be clear, photo based and sized 612 x 612 pixels)
3. Competition! Share to win with a dedicated hashtag over a week works great.
4. Sharing customer/product shots

Do add as many people as you like, choose relevant people via hashtags. When I started i was adding 100 per hour!! Then manually 'culling' people who didn't follow back

DO manage your followers, make sure you are not following too many people who dont follow you back with the great (free) Crowdfire app

Do inject personality, sass, jazz... let us know the real you!

Dont share low quality photos

Dont use too may filters /hdr

Don't auto-share to twitter, tumblr, facebook. Each platform has a 'sweet spot' for content. Focus on providing targeted content for each platform.

Do enjoy posting! Make friends!

Very useful piece on hashtags

I will continue to make this content however, donations will let me upgrade my equipment and produce more content

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