Baby shows off unbelievable strength and energy!

angiesantiniPublished: April 13, 2015Updated: April 14, 20151,452,442 views
Published: April 13, 2015Updated: April 14, 2015

This adorable toddler named Marcus has so much energy! So cute! He is definitely a pro when it comes to seat bouncing, I think he is trying to show off! Look how high he bounces, he is having so much fun bouncing back and fourth. He has so much strength, even with a seat belt on, he is able to bounce very high! When his mom calls to him, he has the biggest smile on his face! This is how he gets his daily exercise in, so funny!

He doesn't stop there, after giving his mom a great big smile, he starts up the bouncing again! Who new a toddler could have so much strength! I think we are watching a future athlete! Nothing is going to stop him from doing what he loves, he could bounce all day long! He was bouncing constantly for a minute and a half! Crazy! Have you ever seen a baby with this much energy before? I think Marcus must have had a really long nap before this. He doesn't look tired at all!

Check out some of these baby bouncers from amazon! Maybe your baby will also show off their incredible strength and energy just like Marcus did!

Have you seen a baby with as much energy as Marcus? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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