Guy Tests His Real-Life Batsuit Against An Iron Pipe

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Published: April 10, 2015Updated: April 17, 2015

Some people love certain movies so much that they find a way to bring them at home. The well-known Dark Knight of Gotham City is an idol to many people over the world. But who can blame them? With his black leather suit and vest made of steel, he looks so powerful. Batman's suit now has the potential to become a real-life thing. Some people may think it’s a joke, but we have a video proof and it’s absolutely amazing!

Jackson Gordon, a student from Philadelphia University has designed and created a real-life Batman suit. The suit is a combat armor which is able to withstand punches, baseball bats, and even blade attacks. The brilliant guy had something else in mind. He wanted to test his invention with a harder object, such as 5 or 6-pound iron pipe.

Jackson puts his Batsuit on and asked his friend for a little help. His friend hit him once and then again with the pipe. The second hit was stronger, as you can see in the slow motion part of the video. ‘I think I proved my point!’ were the words he said after the second hit, and he definitely convinced us!

Don’t you agree that this is simply insane? If you have an idea, anything is possible with a little imagination and hard work. This guy definitely put in so much effort to achieve his vision, kudos to Jackson!

Check out this real-life Batsuit being tested with an iron pipe!

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