French Bulldog flawlessly plays the ukulele

Published April 9, 2015 73,615 Views

How chill is this French Bulldog puppy? Oliver the 5-month-old French Bulldog may be young but he already has an ear for music. Watch as this cute little guy rocks out on the ukulele (with a little help from his owner). Before you know it, he'll be playing the ukulele all on his own! How cute is that? There could be a record deal in his future!

Our pets are a treasure to us. Before long, they become a valued member of the family. People give them their own beds, their own doggy house, and it's becoming increasingly common to see doggy clothes. Basically, they become another child to the family, and us dog owners can't complain about that!

Dogs come in many different shapes and sizes, even behaviors. There's hyper dogs, there's aggressive dogs, and even chill dogs, like Oliver. Chill dogs are down for anything, just watch the video!

Check out this super chill puppy play the ukulele!

Credit to 'BDemers2514'.

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