Teen Asks Girlfriend To Prom With The Help Of Adorable Twin Babies

jsmurf239Published: April 9, 2015Updated: April 10, 201569,506 views
Published: April 9, 2015Updated: April 10, 2015

You can’t just just ask a girl to prom nowadays. With so many options at school, a simple question just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore. If a guy wanted to ask a girl as a date to prom, he can’t just go out and “pop” the question. He has to be super creative about it and, if possible, record the whole thing!

The sky is the limit really when it comes to funky ways to ask a girl out to prom and by the look of this fella, he was super successful. His secret? Get two adorable twin babies matching onesies that say “PROM” and “?”, hold them both while she is coerced to enter the room you are in and she won’t be able to say no. It is a done deal.

In this “promposal”, as kids nowadays like to call it, the guy opted out of fanfare and flash mobs and the other over-the-top performances we’ve seen high school seniors do to impress their dates. He knocked his date off her socks and all from the comfort of a simple reclining chair!

Under the guise of watching a marathon of movies, some of their friends had the girl distracted until our hero dressed himself and his sidekicks up. In the meantime, the unsuspecting lucky lady is fooling around for the camera, unaware of what is unfolding behind the scene. But when she opens that door and sees the two babies asking her to prom, she could not say no!

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