Life hack: Clever way to keep bathroom tiles clean

Published April 7, 2015 7,795,031 Views $1,795.89 earned

Out of all the tedious chores you have to do around the house, cleaning wise, cleaning the bathroom tiles has to be the most tedious of them all!

When crisp white grout starts to turn moldy green or just change color from all the cleaning solutions you use in your bathroom, the first thing that might come in mind is the regrout the tiles. It is a tedious procedure, you have to pass every line of grout all over and still make sure not to damage the tiles.

Grout may be waterproof, but it is not stain proof just yet. If only there were a way to impregnate the grout to repel the dirt and mold and save you some time and energy during cleaning?

It turns out that there just might be a way to do just this. All you will need is a candle, or several. How, you might ask? You should rub the way off the candle onto the lines of ground around the tiles. Simple as that! Just make sure that there is a generous amount of wax on the grouting and repeat the process every once in a while to keep your bathroom mold- and stain-free!

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