Baby Monkey Falls Asleep While Drinking His Milk

Published April 7, 2015 13 Plays $100.03 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThe monkeys people of Malawi usually encounter around their homes or on their farms will in all likelihood be Vervets. Vervet monkeys are classified as “old world monkeys,” meaning that they have been around for over 65 million years - long before apes and humans.

This adorable baby Vervet Monkey falls asleep every time someone gives him his bottle. The video is filmed at wildlife rehabilitation center in Malawi. Though this particular type of animal is able to be active both during the day and the night, this baby Vervet can not keep his eyes open as he is fed with a bottle of milk. And what can make babies fall asleep so easily if it is not for a bottle of warm milk? The phrase ‘to sleep like a log’ fits perfectly here. This Vervet monkey falls asleep with the speed of light and in such a careless fashion. His head leans aside as his muscles relax while sucking the milk. It is so cute and lovely. But his sleep pattern looks like it has been disturbed by a quick twitch that only reminds this monkey to do his best and keep his eyes open because nothing tastes sweeter that that white stuff he is drinking.

The Vervet monkey resembles very much like a gray langur, having a black face with a white fringe of hair, while the overall hair color is mostly grizzled-grey. With his long arms, legs, and tails he looks lovable and you can hardly resist him. And with his small, round head and short face with whiskers that unnoticeably shake back and forth makes him a real internet sensation.