Dog Hits The Piano Keys And Performs An Awesome Trick

Sadie is a 6- year- old German Shepherd- Border Collie cross who was adopted from an animal shelter in 2009. This video was filmed in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Sadie loves learning new tricks, but her most recently learned trick is the one that is turning heads and gaining attention online from people all around the country! As can be seen from the first glance of the video, the trick that this beautiful pup has learned is playing the piano! You will not believe your eyes, just watch as she turns it on and plays a few notes!

When the video begins, we hear Sadie’s human guardian cueing her to perform her adorable and shocking trick. German Shepherds are known to be intensely intelligent dogs, which is why they are so commonly used in investigatory measures with law enforcement. In addition to that, Border Collies are also said to be actually one of, if not the most intelligent breed of dogs. Therefore, the combination of these two breeds can create a brilliant animal that has both intelligence and a fantastic temperament. Sadie is obviously an example of this magical breed mixture.

After Sadie’s parent gives her the proper cues to begin her trick, she follows the given instructions perfectly. She follows the commands by jumping up onto the piano bench, and then she turns on the piano as instructed. Then, in an adorable set of movements, she places her paws on the keys of the electric piano. She begins with the top tier of keys and pounds out her own little tune. She may not be Mozart, but this is pretty impressive when you consider the fact that it is coming from… a dog!

As if this trick was not already cute enough, there is more. It does not just end with Sadie playing the notes. We again hear her mom in the background of the video. She asks Sadie, “Uh-oh, did you make a mistake?” Sadie then takes her left paw and momentarily covers her face as if in shame like she has made a “mistake with the keys.” This is just absolutely precious. It is surely impossible to watch this spectacle without at least smiling at this funny and comedic little pup. This is such a creative trick that her parents have taught her. It really does make you wonder how in the world they could have even begun training her to do this incredible trick.

Whatever Sadie’s parents did to teach her this trick, they certainly did it very well. Imagine having a dinner party at your house and being able to have the entertainment by your dog performing this trick for your guests! That would certainly make for an absolutely unforgettable dinner party, and you would certainly be the hit among your circle of friends. No one would ever want to have dinner parties anywhere else after hanging out with Sadie for a while!

When Sadie finishes playing her adorable ballad, she takes a bow toward the camera and to her audience!

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