Ridiculous Ping Pong Shot Lands Where It Shouldn't

johaatPublished: April 2, 2015178,635 views
Published: April 2, 2015

It may not be a sport everyone can bear, but ping pong is actually a very passionate and very demanding activity. It takes a lot of swift, timely movements to meet the tiny ball with your bat from hell. It has been recognized as an Olympic sport since 1988.

But not even Olympic ping pong players have hit the ball with so much vigor, that it flies to the other end of the room, where it met with an unsuspecting spectator’s head! In a private gym, where two gentlemen measured their strengths and wit in chasing the ball across the table, they pass the ball between each other, when one of the gentlemen decided that he has too much energy buildup in his batting arm, he had to smack that poor plastic orb to oblivion. Only it didn’t go to oblivion; it hit a kid that was playing on the other side of the gym, dead in the head!

We have to say that it was good the projectile has minimal weight and is incredibly bouncy because if it were a tennis ball, that kid would have smacked on the ground with a very loud thud. Not only did the boy look completely unaware of what just happened, he even continued on with his play. What a champ!

The two men giggled when they noticed what went down, but since no one actually jumped to their feet to scream at the negligent adult for not paying attention to what he was doing, we think it is pretty safe to say no one was injured. Still, we let out a silent giggle at this one.

Credit to 'johaat'.

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