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Published: April 1, 2015

How To Get My Video On The First Page Of Youtube

In this tutorial I will show you how to get your video on the very first page of youtube. There are 3 things you need in order to make your video on the fist page of youtube. The three things that you need is a good title, description and tags. If you have a good title, description and tags your video will be on the first page of youtube. Its not that hard to get your video on the fist page of youtube. Anyone can do it, even new youtube channels.

How to make your video on the first page of YouTube search engine 2015
How to get first page of YouTube or Google search engine results 2015 Tutorial edition best new ideas and tips to help get your video featured or partnered that Works.! watch how to make simple changes with Analytics to bring your video to the top of youtube and google search engine results in this new how to edition.

Look...You see how I have a few lines of key words in my first paragraph, I can adjust those to suit over the next couple of days or weeks and not have to adjust the rest of my description, you also want to make sure these words tell what your video is about so you attract the right viewer that's interested in the subject, your not trying to attract people that are not interested in your video, you want to provide the proper subject, topic or content for your viewer, just remember the first 165 characters or letters are very important and try to use as many key words in the first 165 characters as possible while being true to your video, repeating a few key words really helps too.

Remember to do some tests by backspacing words out of your title to make sure your video is being projected on the pages you want, and see what type of videos are under that search, are they relevant, do you want your video in the mix.? this will also show you how well your key words are working for your video, you can even do a backspacing search on your title before you even post your video to see what type of videos are under your future title, remember how the word "icon" killed my video in the search engines, personally I call it a "thumbnail icon", youtube search engines does "not", so add and subtract accordingly it will become very easy to do after a few test searches.

Also give the search engines time to place or replace your video, youtube search engines are adjusting your videos everyday so monitor which direction your video is going, "up or down", and make changes accordingly.

"Analytics" will take a few days on a new video to start producing good results, obviously your video needs a little time and a few clicks for it to start performing, but go back to analytics often to find out what people are typing in to find your video and make the necessary adjustments to your title, descriptions and tags.

Note: - there's much more in analytic than I could possibly show you here, please explore it for yourself.

"TIP" - Always make a "Playlist" even if you only have two videos in the same category, this will create a second thumbnail out there so your video gets more exposure, the thumbnail usually appear at the bottom of the search results pages, and it automatically runs all your videos in the playlist.

1) - Good Title
2) - Lots of Content in your Description
3) - Answer your Comments, know your subject and answer as a teacher would.

You may have heard "positive" video Ratings help.? I find they do nothing, that's why you can disable them, I've not seen any proof of this, just people saying it, after I got two negative ratings on my last video it really took off, my best guess is whether its a "pos" or "neg" hit, it registers as a response to your video, just like a comment, and its always good to have movement on your video, there's allot of competition in the "how to" video section and certain other areas and they will troll your video, don't let it bother you, its probably working in your favor.

YouTube automatically sends your latest videos to your subscribers, so I recommend you disable your AdSense for the first day or so if you don't have many subs, that will get your video a few more views, some subs will not watch your video if knowing they always have commercials, if you have a big channel you obviously leave AdSense on...thanks for watching.

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