Talented Subway Performer Inspires Passengers To Sing Along

Published March 25, 2015 4,374 Plays $8.31 earned

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleSometimes you don't need a fancy studio or venue to get your music out to the masses. You don't need a huge following and you don't need a manager. This man proved that with the passion he has for music, he can put on a show anywhere he wants with just his drums and his voice.

Check out this incredible performance which took place on March 21st in a Brooklyn, New York subway station. The musician, Mr. Reed, has unbelievable range and managed to inspire a few individuals around him to sing along!

It is so amazing how music unites people and those who offer theirs for free are the ones who deserve special recognition! Mr. Reed here is one of those people, managing to inspire everyone present with just his drum kit and his amazing voice!

Watch as this talented maestro stages a subway performance in the NY metro, as passengers join in on his act, and it turns out to be the sweetest thing ever. You can see people dancing around the station or joining onto the singing performance. This joyous man has people up on their feet! Incredible!

With his drumming kit, this positive man has turned an ordinary day into an impromptu art performance for the people who found themselves on that subway station that day. It is a simple concert hall, filled with smiles, laughter, and joy. It is just further proof that nothing can bring random people so close together as the gift of music. Faith in humanity restored!

We have to tip our hats to this fella, acknowledging the man’s enthusiasm and going along with it. It is like he made an instant connection with the strangers in the metro station. Usually, we take these musicians for granted, but this man sure knows how to unite strangers. Great joy buddy!

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