Baby Has Priceless Reaction To Dad's Soccer Chant

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Published: March 25, 2015Updated: March 27, 2015

You know why we are always excited about baby videos? Because it is always a thrill to see what these tiny humans have in store for us! You can never predict what they will do, and that is so exciting! Like this video at the top of the page, for example.

The first few milestones in a baby’s life are huge for the parents and of course, they want to capture it all on camera, for posterity. It seems like in the “old days", when there were tapes and people had to plan carefully what they were going to record to keep or not, there were far bigger chance that you will actually capture the good stuff right on time.

Today, in the digital world, we can capture and record stuff to our heart’s content, but to little avail. Good thing we don’t have to keep those videos permanently, so we delete the stuff we do not like and try, try again. But this! This video is just precious! Look at sonny and daddy bond and build that love towards soccer. So adorable!

There's nothing like a daddy and baby bonding session. Dad gets to share and pass on his many loves and passions to his Mini-Me and those sessions can be very rewarding, as the little ones watch them with amazement and swallow every word that comes out of their mouths!

Speaking of which, looks like 10-month-old baby Joshua here is already a huge fan of soccer club Nottingham Forest! As dad sings "Come on, you boys in red", little Joshua raises his arms in the air, ready to cheer! They have a choreography so well-developed that you might just imagine how many time has little Joshua seen daddy cheer in front of the TV or speak endearingly about his favorite soccer club! Thousands, perhaps! And they both are in the phase of "monkey see - monkey do" so baby Joshua really looks like a serious soccer fan. Albeit ta cite and adorable one.

It is these precious moments of bonding that really make parenting worth it!

When on the topic of babes, take a look at the following video where a hungry baby super excited for spaghetti dinner. Watch how this adorable five-month-old baby boy reacts after noticing a plate of his father's pasta in front of him. Looks like he's a big fan of it even though he has never tried it, but we can't blame him. He already discovered the amazing deliciousness of spaghetti and he won't stop until he has some!

Judging by the look on the baby's face, we can tell that it's of the utmost importance that he gets a bite, and he won't stop trying until he gets what he wants. The tot is seen nibbling on dad’s finger, with eyes wide open and staring at the bowl spaghetti!

Moments later, the boy got tired of waiting and leaned over to have some, but his mouth landed on the edge of the bowl plate, so he started sucking on it while locking his eyes at the delicious dish! Have you seen a baby this hungry that he would suck on the plate and pretend to be eating food?

This dish can come in great varieties, and no matter how you like it, you can't go wrong. You can test your culinary abilities by trying out different recipes, like spaghetti carbonara, or even give the good old spaghetti and meatballs recipe a little twist and pop that in the oven for extra deliciousness. So tasty!

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