Boxer Dog Talking and Crying (Funny)

jjwilly16Published: March 24, 20151,226 views
Published: March 24, 2015

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Here is my boxer, Lacey, again. My girlfriend and I were trying to watch a movie when she decided she wasn't getting enough attention.

Gotta love boxer dogs. The second you direct your attention away from them, they let you know about it. We're pretty sure she was a little hurt that we didn't save a spot for her on the couch also.

Boxer dogs, with their signature "Chewbacca" growl just crack me up. This is the same thing she does every night when we go to bed. Lacey will stand next to our bed and make the same sound until we give in and let her up.

Boxer dogs are the biggest babies in the world, but that's why I love them. Always talking, crying, whining, farting, and snoring.

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