Adorable Toddler Is Adamant That She Doesn't Want A Baby Brother

Published March 23, 2015 288,405 Views

Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that you won’t always be able to please your kid with what you do. You can try as hard as you can, but even that won’t be enough, and it’s okay. Sometimes money runs short and you can’t buy them that thing they were secretly wishing for. Sometimes there isn’t enough time in the world to make their wishes come true, and it’s absolutely okay, don’t beat yourself about it. Kids have this great ability to love us for who we are and what we strive to be. Deep inside themselves, they know that if you could you would move mountains for them, and that makes you a superhero in their eyes.

However, this girl isn’t quite assured that her mommy and daddy did everything they could and is quick to reprimand them for it. How dare they be less than perfect?! She wanted a baby sister and they just won’t budge to give her one. Take a look as she throws the greatest temper tantrum of all time in an attempt to make them give her a sister, and she wants it to happen right now!

Just imagine what kind of entertainment this footage would be a few years from now on every family gathering. It’s so funny to watch children discuss about things that they don’t completely understand. Sorry little one, we’re sure you’ll get to love your baby brother just as much!

Wants and needs are two altogether different things, and let be honest, what we require doesn't generally fulfill us as what we need. There's an unfortunate part of life that everybody needs to learn sometime: you don't generally get what you need, regardless of whether it's something that you really want. The lovable young lady in this video knows precisely what she needs, however it doesn't look like she is going to get it, unfortunately. She was really clear when she said she wanted a baby sister and not a baby brother.

Firstborn kids have all the attention from their parents, all the devotion and all the love just for them. So, bringing a new baby into their lives can be really difficult for them to accept. Kids don't like sharing at all!

However, that's not the case here with this pretty toddler! She really wants a sibling, but, she wants a sister and under no circumstances a brother. That is not acceptable! But, keep in mind that a toddler can change his mind in a second as they are not the most emotionally balanced and maybe by tomorrow she will change her mind.

We think that when she gets her baby brother she will fall in love with him! They will be best friends, playmates and the best siblings ever who will share a lot of extraordinary experiences growing up. Also, they will have this amazing video to watch when they grow up and together they will laugh about it! So funny!

Watch her adorable reaction in this hilarious video!

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