Angry English Bulldog Confronts Harmless Door

Published March 23, 2015 79,495 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesA hilarious video has emerged of an angry pooch intensively barking at a moving door. Why is this English Bulldog barking at the door as if it's his mortal enemy? Nevertheless it makes for a hilarious clip!

Bulldog aggression and dominance is something that comes instinctively to the breed. Dominance was the name of the game when they were originally bred, as herding and baiting was their main purpose. This breed tends to assert dominance over other doggies in particular and sometimes even their humans. This sort of behavior mostly occurs in younger puppies and it is very natural.

It is adorable how this angry Bulldog pooch gets at the door, intensively trying to pick up a fight by barking in the most cutest possible way. He has the temper tantrum attitude that should not be ignored! So precious!

Footage shows the hilarious moment when an English Bulldog pooch stands his arguments straight with the moving door, barking his lungs out at the swinging door, making for this adorable clip! The poor thing then tries to growl and shake his head to back up his statement, whatever that may be, but the entire performance is very funny.

This angry pooch is even trying to bite the door, approaching it very closely, pushing it against the wall with its bulky head, trying to make it still, and not move at all! Barking his hearts out, the moody pooch is then at peace, given the door is not moving a bit!

It is adorable how this cutie doesn’t mind the fact that the door is just a moving object and stands tall when he feels endangered by the moving piece of wood. Enrolling in a feisty confrontation, this pup sure knows how to win an argument. He is indeed one courageous fellow who knows how to start a fight and put up an argument. His bark is loud and scary, so doors, beware!

Credit to 'titusbulldog'.