Siberian Husky puppy gets a wet surprise

troyslezakPublished: March 20, 2015Updated: May 22, 20151,434,398 views
Published: March 20, 2015Updated: May 22, 2015

This here is a Siberian Husky being taken out for a walk in the park where he runs into a fountain. He is amazed at how water can be coming out of he ground for no apparent reason. Its so beautiful - he thinks. So why not? Since my human brought me here might as well take advantage and have a blast. Its all fun and games until he gets blasted in his rear end by an unexpected shot of water. That's when he realizes this fountain is not his friend. That's when this arctic dog chooses to bounce!

In other more sophisticated terms: Fascinated by the shooting water, this curious Husky explores the multiple fountains. When they temporarily turn off, this puppy coincidentally sits right on top of one of the fountains. Watch what happens when they turn back on! So funny! Credit to 'troyslezak'.

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