Incredible Makeup Tutorial Transforms Artist Into Queen Elsa From Frozen

Published March 19, 2015 23,147 Views

Rumble / Do It YourselfAnastasia Stacie Vanelli is the new hot beauty guru: a model, makeup artist, blogger and vlogger at Moi Ostrov magazine and Studio and at Makeup By Vanelli. Half Russian half Cyprian, Anastasia studied photography in England and fashion with special effects makeup in Los Angeles before moving back to her hometown of Limassol. Despite her young age, she managed to stand out from the crowd and create her own identity, Anastasia Stacie Vanelli is now one of the most sought-after makeup artists. Her videos are covered worldwide by several media houses. Her talent has also brought her up close and personal with the movie industry: without being aware of it, you might have enjoyed her work in the movies Sanctioned (2016), Afairesis (2014) and Semele (2015).

In this video, makeup artist Anastasia Stacie Vanelli gives us an easy step-by-step makeup tutorial on how to look like the beautiful Queen Elsa from the mega-popular Disney's movie “Frozen”. The artist applies foundation evenly all over her face, concealing any dark spots. Then, she highlights her smile lines and creates freckles with a black pencil, even before she sets everything with powder and the powder will work as a layer of skin contributing to a more realistic effect. Then, Vanelli applies pink blush on the apples of her cheeks as well as on the nose tip to achieve the frost-bite effect.

After she primes her eyes, she uses a violet shadow on the moving parts of her eyelids and again shimmering purple all over the purple followed by cranberry purple along the natural contour of her eyes. Shimmery white goes to highlight the inner of the eyes and the brow bone for a nice lift. She applies eyeliner and then smudges it with a purple brush. Vanelli then puts some mascara and false thick eyelashes on the top of it to make them last longer. She fills her eyebrows with a dark pencil and her lips with a magenta finishing off with a purple berry lipstick.

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